Shining Smiles LLC provides clear, removable aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. With these custom-made plastic aligners, you can correct your misaligned teeth without ever losing the natural appearance of your smile! Call 630-972-4010 today to learn more about clear and removable aligners in Bolingbrook, Franklin Park, Joliet, Plainfield, Riverside and Wheaton, Illinois, and to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist, Dr. Milad Nourahmadi. You can reach our Bolingbrook office at 630-972-4010 and our Riverside office at 708-321-1023.

When you receive a clear aligner treatment, our dentist will create custom plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into their proper positions. Clear aligners are used to correct teeth that are crowded, crooked, gapped and spaced, or which have bad bites (such as overbites, open bites, underbites, or cross bites). These aligners are designed and developed using a computer simulation to ensure the best possible results, and are usually switched out every few weeks to gently continue the progression of your tooth movements towards a beautiful final result. Clear aligners treatments are a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth, making this a very popular treatment for adults and other patients who desire a more discreet orthodontic treatment.

Please be sure to follow all instructions on the use and care of your clear aligners. Especially remember to keep your aligners clean. Because they are clear, they can cause your teeth to appear gray or discolored if they become dirty.

For more information on clear aligners and to make your appointment with our dentist, please call our practice today. Check our specials as low as $250 a month!