10 Great Dental Hygiene Tips

Do you want your brightest and healthiest smile? Proper dental hygiene is essential to maintain your best smile. To do so, you need to set a hygiene routine and stick to it. Don’t wait for there to be a problem to take action in caring for your teeth and gums. Read on for ten dental hygiene… Read more »

Braces vs. Removable Aligners: Which One is for You?

For decades, Americans have pursued the perfect teeth. The American Dental Association reports that in 2019, the country spent around $145 billion on dental care services. Though the number has dropped slightly in 2020, coming out to $142.4 billion, it is no secret that the importance of the market will not decrease anytime soon. There are… Read more »

How Much Should a Dental Bridge Cost?

Do you have any missing teeth? Are you looking for ways to restore your smile again? If so, a dental bridge may be the ideal solution. Dental bridges have helped many people with the revitalization of both the appearance and function of their teeth. For this reason, it is a viable option for you to achieve the… Read more »

Cost of Dental Implants in 2021

Dental implants are a perfect way to restore and revitalize your smile. They are a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. But sometimes, the dental implant cost deters people away from considering them all together. So, how much are dental implants, and are they really worth the money? In this article, you’ll learn more about dental implants,… Read more »

How to Get White Teeth: 5 Helpful Tips

Did you know that about seven out of 10 Americans admit that they’re most conscious of their teeth? When asked what they would change in their teeth, 61 percent cited their teeth’ lack of whiteness. If you’re among those interested in knowing how to get white teeth, this article is for you! Here are five tips to help… Read more »

Say Cheese! 3 Excellent Tips for a Healthy Smile

Are you trying to maintain a happy and healthy smile? Your teeth have a huge impact on your overall health and appearance, and you only get one adult set. It’s important that you take care of them! Are you doing everything that you can to maintain good oral health? We’re here to offer you some helpful advice that… Read more »

When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

As your trusted team of dentists, we will try every option in order to save a tooth, but sometimes when a tooth is too badly infected or decayed, the only treatment option is extraction. We offer extractions for all types of teeth at to heal your mouth. Contact our team today at to learn more… Read more »

Home Remedies for Dental Emergencies

First Aid for a Toothache or Abscess 1. Clean the infected by gently flossing, brushing, and rinsing. 2. Rinse vigorously with warm salt water to remove any trapped food particles. 3. Apply a cold compress to relieve pain and control swelling. 4. Take anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Tooth pain is caused by inflammation so this should… Read more »

Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

With more than 5 million teeth knocked out every year in children and adults, it’s good to know what to do in case this happens. If you play your cards right, your knocked out tooth can be successfully replanted and last for a long time! A knocked-out permanent tooth that is re-implanted within 30 minutes… Read more »

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The best place for your teeth is in your mouth. As our dentist, Dr. Milad Nourahmadi, can tell you, it is always a good idea to save a tooth whenever possible. However, there are times when a tooth has become so diseased or damaged that it is no longer viable and unsafe to have in… Read more »