A Professionally Whitened Smile Needs to Be Maintained

Retail tooth whitening products like whitening toothpaste and whitening strips typically use mild concentrations of hydrogen peroxide to break up dental stains. Unfortunately, these products rarely have the potency to do more than minimize the appearance of minor surface stains on tooth enamel. It’s also worth noting that excessive use of these products can potentially… Read more »

A Cavity That Is Detected Early Might Be Repaired with a Dental Filling

The American Dental Association recommends that you have a routine dental exam and cleaning performed twice each year by a professional dentist. This basic appointment is designed to clean away hardened bacterial deposits from your teeth while also detecting any early signs of oral health conditions. This includes identifying early signs of gum disease or… Read more »

Holiday Dentistry: Dental Crowns

Are you looking to enhance your smile and give your teeth and gums added protection while at the same time improving your oral aesthetic? If so, it is important make sure you find a durable tooth restoration that can not only treat teeth, but reshape and redesign their look as well. One highly effective treatment… Read more »

Tooth Hazards to be Wary of

Are you aware of any bad habits or lifestyle behaviors you practice on a daily basis that could be damaging your smile? Are there any products that you’re eating or drinking that are setting back the state of your oral health? To help better care for your smile, be aware of the following tooth hazards… Read more »

Focus Your Oral Health Care on Teeth Whitening Treatments

Do you want a brighter smile? Do you wish your smile was whiter and had a better shine? Most likely you do, as almost all individuals believe that a whiter smile is more attractive. According to studies, as much as 96% of all people believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing. With all… Read more »

Preventative Treatments Can Be Added to Your Regular Dental Checkups

Having a dental checkup performed at Dr. Milad Nourahmadi’s dental office every six months is essential for maintaining strong teeth and a healthy mouth. This simple outpatient appointment is designed to clean away any tartar and bacterial deposits from your teeth while monitoring your mouth for any early signs of an oral health condition. If… Read more »

How to Sufficiently Clean Your Dentures

Your new dentures are allowing you to eat and speak normally and comfortably once again. They have also restored the beauty of your smile. To enjoy the benefits of your dentures long term, it is imperative that you take good care of them. Dr. and our team are happy to explain the importance of cleaning… Read more »

Successful Smiles Feature Endodontics Treatments Such as Root Canals

From time to time, dental damage can occur. Damage can arise due to oral accidents and injuries irrespective of the state of your teeth. Furthermore, even if your teeth may not seem damaged, microscopic cracks or splits in your tooth enamel may exist. If left untreated, cracks in your tooth enamel can give rise to… Read more »

Stop Cavities in Their Tracks

Have you been experiencing pain in a tooth? Unfortunately, tooth pain can be a sign of cavities, which are caused when decay in the tooth penetrates tooth enamel. Unless you are keeping up with six-month dental checkups where your dentist checks for tooth decay, you may not even be aware that a cavity is harming… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Tips for Kids

Cavities are the number one enemy for the smile, especially because they cause extreme pain and discomfort, and the treatment involved in eliminating the cavities isn’t all that pleasant, either. So, as you may already know, it’s best to prevent cavities altogether. To make this smile goal possible for your child, our dentist, Dr. ,… Read more »