A Modest-Sized Chip Might Be Repairable with a Filling

A chip in your tooth enamel can result from any number of things. It could be as significant as an oral trauma, like a blow to the face, or it could be as banal as grinding your teeth at night. Most small-to-modest-sized chips don’t cause heightened sensitivity, yet you shouldn’t treat one lightly. As time… Read more »

Time to Review Your Basic Oral Hygiene to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Proper care and cleaning of your teeth is important to keep your smile healthy. Daily brushing and flossing help prevent many detrimental effects from developing that can harm your teeth. No matter your age or experience level, it’s important to remind yourself of why proper care of your teeth is vital to their health. Regular… Read more »

What Type of Toothpaste Should You Use?

Have you ever heard that toothpastes have actually existed for over a hundred years? Did you know that toothpaste was originally flavorless or that it originally came in a jar? Luckily, there are a number of options you can choose from now, but do you know how to make the choice that best meets your… Read more »

Key Insights for Developing an Effective and Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine

Complications from tooth decay, periodontal disease, or other oral issues might have expensive ramifications. Maintaining good oral health helps maintain your overall quality of life. To that end, your dentist, Dr. , offers these key factors to consider when developing an effective daily oral hygiene routine. Purchasing and using high-quality oral hygiene products is a… Read more »

Minimize the Dangers of Tooth Loss With Dental Bridges

Minimize the dangers of tooth loss with dental bridges. A dental bridge is used to “bridge” the gap from a missing tooth by filling the void with a replacement that can latch onto a neighboring tooth. A dental bridge expertly placed by our dentists at can improve your smile in many ways. Most importantly, a… Read more »

An Avulsed Tooth Needs Quality First Aid and Treatment

Having an avulsed or knocked-out tooth is often a traumatic experience. If the tooth is whole and still alive, there is a chance that your dentist, Dr. , can implant it back into the original socket. However, in most cases, an avulsed tooth is severely damaged and the remnants need to be extracted to prevent… Read more »

Restoring Different Dental Problems with Crowns

If your teeth have physical or cosmetic defects, there are many different options for restoring your teeth that you are able to choose from. Dental crowns are a great and very popular option and can treat many different dental issues you might have. -You need to protect a weak tooth from tooth decay or from… Read more »

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration in Children

If you’ve ever raised a child, you know that children have many ways of making you happy. But there are also things that will make you worry. For instance, you may enjoy seeing your little one smile, but if you notice your child’s teeth changing colors, you may be concerned. Fortunately, there are a few… Read more »

Wrecking Cavities with Composite Fillings

For over 150 years, dentists have depended on metal amalgams to fill cavities. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a new type of filling is now available. The new filling is a resin-based composite filling which has the distinction of not being metallic colored, but rather it is crafted after the natural color of teeth…. Read more »

A Professional Bleaching Treatment Can Whiten Deeply Stained Teeth

Your tooth enamel has microscopic textures and pores that can easily harbor small staining particles from dark foods and beverages. If these minor surface stains are not addressed in a timely manner, they can slowly start to penetrate the tooth enamel, causing significant stains. If the teeth in your smile are deeply stained or if… Read more »