Summer Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Dental Work Done

At Shining Smiles LLC, Dr. Milad Nourahmadi and our dedicated dental team are happy to provide comprehensive, family-friendly dentistry for our patients in Bolingbrook, Illinois and the neighboring communities. We have found that although summer is typically viewed as a time when many families choose to vacation and relax from the daily demands of the… Read more »

5 Reasons You Might Need Braces

Our team at Shining Smiles LLC in Bolingbrook, Illinois, is pleased to offer braces for those whose teeth are not aligned, or whose bite needs adjusting. Some patients use braces to fix cosmetic issues with their pearly whites, others benefit from the medical fixes. Conditions which might preclude orthodontic care can include the following: 1…. Read more »

Applying Dental Sealants to Help Protect Your Child’s Teeth

The average person usually has his or her 20 baby teeth replaced by their permanent adult teeth by early to mid-adolescence. The premolars and molars in the back of your child’s mouth are usually the last teeth to emerge. It’s not uncommon for the biting surface of these teeth to have deep pits and fissures… Read more »

Are You Looking for Whiter Teeth?

If you have been noticing that your teeth are staining and becoming discolored, you are not alone. Tooth discoloration is actually pretty common, and your teeth can become yellow, brown, and sometimes even grayish, depending on the cause. Staining can arise from extrinsic or intrinsic condition. Extrinsic stains, are the kind that occur thanks to outside… Read more »

Causes of Toothaches

Have you ever drank something cold and felt a sudden, shooting pain? As you probably know, have a toothache is a miserable experience and is something you shouldn’t ignore. Clearly, avoiding toothaches is something everyone strives to avoid. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fight and prevent toothaches. Toothaches can be… Read more »

The Common Causes of Bleeding Gums in the World Today

Bloody gums is a common symptom that many people experience. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a big deal. If your gums tend to bleed, there is a problem, and you need to do all you can to fix it. There are many things that could be causing your bleeding gums, including: -Periodontal disease:… Read more »