We do dentistry differently at Shining Smiles LLC by maintaining home-like office environments, helping people overcome dental fears, and providing the comfortable amenities, excellent customer service, and comprehensive care that our patients deserve. You can take a look at the reviews below to learn more about how our friendly dentists in Bolingbrook, Franklin Park, Joliet, Plainfield, Riverside and Wheaton, Illinois, strive to meet all of your family’s dental needs. Call Drs. Kou, Nga, and Kim if you would like to schedule an next appointment.

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So honestly I don’t even know where to start. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE, from the front desk staff to the dental assistants and the doctors were all so down to earth, so welcoming, so helpful and considerate and patient and I can go on and on. Dr.Paulson and his assistant Michelle were AMAZING. They both went above and beyond to communicate my 5-year-olds daughter’s treatment plan to my husband and me and to make her feel safe and comfortable while she had major anxiety and fear. Let me tell you a little bit of our back story-
Our family dentist doesn’t do cavity work on little kids only routine cleaning services. We were told her cavities were minor and easy to fix. I accidentally ran across a Facebook post in one of my Facebook groups praising and recommending Dr.Paulson who also happened to have done dental work on a 6-year-old who had major anxiety as well (hint to why that got my attention.) I called and made an appointment and everything went smoothly except for my daughter’s anxiety and her wanting a “girl” dentist as she likes to say. Dr.Paulson explained everything in detail to us and said he’d be able to fix all but one cavity without anesthetic (a total of 6) she refused to go back Bc he was a “boy” lol – anyway, I figured if I could get rid of one anxiety for her by finding a female dentist, I will (even though at this point I was paying out of pocket Bc Shining smiles did not accept my insurance but I didn’t care Bc Dr.Paulson and his assistant Michelle were so worth it. Decided to take her to Plainfield Pediatric Dental Care for another consultation out of pocket and made sure it was a female dentist this time. They instantly jumped to a whole new level of care. They wanted to bring in an anesthesiologist, put her to sleep, and fix her minor cavities Bc of my backstory to her being anxious with my first visit with Shining Smiles (which btw was a problem only bc Dr.Paulson was a boy lol) it made no sense to me because my 5-year-old laid on the chair, allowed them to check inside her mouth, was fine with me leaving the room for 8 X-Rays, and she honestly did amazingly I was so proud of her. They gave me a quote of almost 6k to get her minor cavities done with the anesthesiologist alone being $2500. I went home beat Bc now I feel horrible that I have to put her through that. The next day I realized that we didn’t even mention the laughing gas? I called to inquire if we can try laughing gas first Bc 1) sounds too extreme 2) feel horrible putting her through this and 3) it’s 6k out of pocket! On the phone call, I was put on hold and was told the dentist doesn’t feel comfortable moving forward without an anesthesiologist Bc of her anxiety??? What anxiety though? Did she show no anxiety at her visit with you? She cooperated, did everything you asked her to, and allowed you to do what you needed to do. I immediately called Shining Smiles and scheduled an appointment again and went to see Dr.Paulson. There was some crying Bc he was a boy but hey, as soon as he started working on her cavities, she relaxed and he walked her through everything he was using, what he was doing, giving her breaks anytime she raised her hand for one, and he was so so so patient and attentive. Michelle his assistant was nothing less. She talked to my daughter, in a calming voice and manner. She was honestly calming my own anxiety from all of this. After today’s visit, my daughter says she wants to go back to this DOCTOR EVERY TIME and I am sooooooo happy and honestly I can’t say enough. Save your money, save your time searching for dentists and GO SEE DR.PAULSON! I promise you, you will not regret it. As soon as the time comes at the end of the year, I am changing insurance companies just so we can all go to Dr.Paulson at Shining Smiles.

-Anita Halilovic

Great experience each visit (for the past 1.5 years). Highly recommend them. And as an added bonus, they provide Netflix to watch while you’re in the chair.
-John W.

Dr. Garg was incredible! She gave me great consultation before my visit and during. While performing my filling, she paused repeatedly to educate me on the process and constantly informed me on what to expect. Going to the dentist usually comes with some nerves, but Dr. Garg made my visit feel easy! I even got to see an episode of New Girl while sitting in the chair! Easy 5 stars
-Avisha B.

Every Time I Come in! I’m welcomed with Smiley faces!(: Which automatically puts a smile on my face! The team here is amazing! Always do a great job on my teeth! Thank you so much Shining Smiles in Franklin Park! You’re Wonderful!!!!
-DJ W.

Everyone from the receptionist down to the doctor was amazing and helpful! Clean place, parking provided . Best dentist in the area! Definitely recommend
-Julia M.

“Dr. Kim is awesome, and as soon as you walk in the girls greeted with a smile. You don’t have to wait so you can get noticed. Great staff and thanks to my friend YARI for recommending me here, I walk out with a smile.”
-Neli O.

“My dentist retired and I was shopping for a new one. Wow, what a pleasant experience today. From the receptionist to the assistant, to the doctor. Being in this new high tech office felt like an upgrade to my PC! :)”
-Jeff M.

“My two boys had never been to the dentist before and were very nervous, but Shining Smiles made it so easy and not scary at all 🙂 The second we walked through the doors, PBS Kids was on the TV in the waiting room, and the boys immediately relaxed a little. Then, they saw Dr. Jacoby and he was great with them. He explained everything before he did it and really put them at ease. It was a great visit!!”
-Paula W.

“My experience from the beginning to the end was amazing. From the first phone I made to see if they would be covered from my insurance. They ended up calling for me. When I went in the environment is clean, everyone was very polite. Before ANY procedure was done they let me know up front what my copy would be. And on top of that they explained everything to me very good even what I would have to pay out of pocket for my next procedure. And when I was waiting for the doctor they put on Netflix for me. Definity going to stay at this dentist for all my check ups.”
-Ashley V.

“I took my son to Shining Smiles-Plainfield for the first time today and I was overly impressed with the staff there. They are very kind and welcoming. They made my son feel comfortable while he was there. The dentist he saw was GREAT, he took his time to talk with with my son and get to know him, he explained everything he was going to do before proceeding, making sure my son was 100% at ease. Outstanding experience. Thank you so much Shining Smiles-Plainfield. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends and family.”
-Melissa C.

“In all my years of seeing a dentist I have never had such a memorable first impression for a free consultation! Office was cozy, staff was wonderful, but most importantly Dr. Nourahmadi was incredible! He had ALL the latest technology and was passionate when he spoke to me about his practice. He also tried to educate me while showing pictures of problem areas. This was awesome! I could sense he was honest and made decision then and there to take my entire family here!!”
-Shannon R.

“I absolutely Love Shining Smiles!!! The staff knows me and my family walking through the door ! They always take extra good care of my 2 little ones and talk them through every step and the Netflix helps!! Dr. Rivera is the absolute best!!! I absolutely love him!!!”
-Patricia C.

“Worked with my insurance and was VERY affordable. Absolutely love this place!!!”
Dr G rocks!!!
-Bg M.

“Normally I hate going to the dentist, but everyone there is do nice and make you feel comfortable. The dentist I saw was awesome she was the best, very gentle and made sure everything was okay.”
-Brigitte W.

“This was the best visit to the dentist I’ve ever had! Dr. Rivera was knowledgeable with a great personality. I like having the safer digital photos too. The entire staff was friendly with smiles on their faces. Can’t wait to visit again with my entire family. Thank you for restoring my belief in great dental service!”
– Tamahine M.

“Love, Love, Love this place!
Check-in: Very friendly and always smiling! Great customer service.
Dr Rivera is AMAZING!! His service is EXCELLENT! Very knowledgeable and detailed when he explains a procedure.. I would definitely recommend him! His assistant is amazing as well..”

– Rebecca S.

“Great office with a great staff. Dr is very good at informing of the process of each treatment. The girls are very friendly and will help out in any way. Overall a great experience and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a great and economic dentist!”
-Timothy P.

“Love this place. Very friendly and very gentle. My 8 yr old daughter had a tooth pulled yesterday and didn’t even know it was out! Very happy with adding smiles of bolingbrook!”
-Desiree G.

“Great office over all. Stylish waiting area and great accommodations. They have really helpful staff and the Dentist I saw was great. I had a pretty late appointment but was greeted by the friendly receptionist. I had x rays done and then was taken back to wait for dentist. Dr. Rivera was very friendly. I appreciated him taking the time to explain treatment versus other places I have gone to that just tell you what you need. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone.”
-Maribel L.

“This has been the best dental office I’ve ever been to. I’m getting a root canal done and so I’ve gone now twice. The wait has always been unexpectedly short, and really whose ever heard of short waiting times? Everyone is also genuinely friendly and once your seated in the procedure room, you are asked if you’d like to watch something off of Netflix while they work on your teeth. My dentist Dr. Waheed is also very careful and gentle, always double checking if there’s any pain which I always appreciate. I’m so glad I’ve found this office, finally a dentist I don’t dread having to see.”
-Maritza C.

“We are so lucky to have a relationship with the fine doctors of Shining Smiles Dentistry!. It is great working with your team and we appreciate being your partner in adjunct services. You always send patients for their 7 year old screenings and when it is time for full treatment you always let the parents know! Again, thank you and we appreciate your support!”
-Evelyn Wiley

“Great clean office… netflix while you wait. New equipment. Fair prices and good service.”
-Bradford R.

“Awesome, my grandson is only five, he got a tooth remove, Dr Rivera was so good, he didn’t even flinch we he got shot with the needle to numb his mouth.”
-Lenetta D.

“The staff here is very accommodating and pleasant, I have actually been keeping up with my dental care since I’ve been coming here! My daughter is also excited about coming to the dentist- and she’s afraid of everything!”
-Jessica L.