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Literally the most surprisingly positive and enjoyable dentist visit I’ve ever had. I’m a very squeamish person, and I was prepared for the worst kl assuming that I would get floss shamed and having to get a cavity filled but Dr Kim was not only professional, but he was extremely down to earth and more than anything educated me so that I felt really good and empowered about my visit. the part that surprised me the most was when I had to get a filling which I was already abhorring. Dr Kim had a really unique method for doing the numbing shot, but I literally felt zero pain. And I’m not saying oh it was a little pinch, I’m saying I couldn’t even tell if he had started it or not until he asked me if it hurt.

-Cathrine O.

this is my favorite dentist office!!!! I LOVE SHINING SMILES DENTISTRY the one that is located in Naperville, Illinois. Nikki, the receptionist was very nice and helpful.Nikki is the best that is for sure! I am very impressed with Doctor Yong Kim, he is a really Good DENTIST !!!!! Dr.Yong Kim is a very knowledgeable and smart Dentist. You can tell that he knows a lot. What I really like about him is that he really cares about his patients and he is very honest and good. Dr.Kim did a very good and outstanding job on my crown! Excellent!!!!!! A+! And , Off course thanks to Shima the dental assistant who was with me through out the hole process , Shima is good assistant too. I LOVE this place!!!!!!! Highly recommended! THANK YOU FROM THE HAPPY PATIENT 🙂

-G. U.

The dentist was nice and very informative as he worked on my teeth.

-Donre D.

They are so caring, clean and amazing. I had a horrible experience at a place called All Family Dental and Braces (in Aurora) but when I came to Shining Smiles, I was so happy that I finally found a place that didnt treat me like a medicaid patient or just a number. I was treated as if I have PPO insurance and like im an actual human being

-Lynda A.

I was just there today and Dr. Kim was by far the best dentist I’ve had work on my teeth. The staff were really nice, the atmosphere was calming. It made me feel like I’m in good hands. I’ve had really bad experiences seeing other dentist and I was always insecure about my smile. My first appt made me extremely happy!! My smile looks better with just a few touch ups! I’m never switching dentists ever again. 10/10

-Suja T.

Overall great first experience coming here. Shima was very helpful and nice accomadating me to scheduling an appointment, and also cleaning my teeth. And doctor Kim was awesome with helping me out with info I needed for my teeth. Definitely coming back here.

-Vanessa R.

I just got my check up and cleaning here and it was amazing!! Jacky was soo friendly and helpful, Shema was awesome and so nice. And of course Dr Kim was great and I will definitely be coming back! Thanks guys

-Eliana T.

I was a patient at a different office in affiliation with Shining Smiles Naperville. I was refered to another place to have my wisdom teeth removed. Started a debocal that lasted 2 years. I had the misfortune (or fortune) of having my right wisdom tooth get infected. The Naperville office took me in as soon as humanly possible. Dr. J, assessed the tooth, and informed me they could take it out in office. I was shocked! They got the infected one and the one above it in one shot!

Fast forward a few weeks. I had been having some cosmetic issues with my front teeth. I had fillings put in at a different office in 2015. It fixed the cavity, but it wasn’t really smooth and stained. I was just happy to not have a hole there. Well this visit 2017, Dr. Kim noticed they weren’t quite right. He didn’t give me a chance to ask him about fixing it. He just did it! I came in to get fillings on two other teeth and he fixed my front teeth! He didn’t even have the original x-rays or pictures of my old smile. But he was so skilled, he was able to fix everything based off the surrounding teeth and my bite pattern! It looks a thousand times better than it did when the fillings were originally put in!

I highly recommend them! They really try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Everything they do is explained in detail. Dr. Kim takes the time to listen to you and show you, your x-rays to explain why a procedure needs to be done. It’s not just, “You need a root canal, now!” But, let’s try this method and if it doesn’t work we’ll explore all of our other options.

-Lauren G.

Previously a patient from Plainfield, & since this office is closer to home I came here. The staff nice as always, very friendly. Dr very detailed about work I needed done. I love coming to them, very nice. Love the office set up as well.

-Teresa J.

I had an amazing experience at Shining Smiles. I went in for a cleaning and Dr. Hong did a phenomenal job!! They have the most modern equipment and the ultrasonic cleaner made the experience painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Hong to anyone in need of an excellent dentist and I will be bringing my entire family to Shining Smiles!!

-David L.

I had a consultation and xray with Dr. Hong at their Naperville location. I was very pleased to find that his manners, personality, and patience were very calming and made for a pleasant experience. I knew I was in good hands when he answered all of my questions and concerns and cared about the fact that I was very nervous about getting my cavities filled. His assistant who did my xray was very nice and easy to feel comfortable with. The girls at the front desk were very personable and made me feel at home. Over all, I will definitely be looking forward to coming back to Shining Smiles for all my dental needs. Dr. Hong was great from the moment I met him. Thank you everyone!

-Jessica B.

The process was very comfortable and easy.

-Uzma W.

Such a great office! Aside from the great atmosphere the staff and Dr were amazing and did a great job educating me on my services. Definitely going to be family’s regular Dentist! I highly recommend!!

-Jasmine G.

I have been a patient of Shining Smiles for years and was happy to see a new location opening closer to me, so I decided to try it out! They have a beautiful, clean office and Dr. Jae is awesome! He was able to get a three year old to cooperate with both a cleaning AND filling a cavity without any sedation, without a single tear. My seven year old is phobic of going to the dentist and he was even able to get her teeth cleaned! He was great about explaining everything he was going to do to the kids before doing it to ease their fear and even let them hold and try the tools before using them. I highly recommend this dentist.

– Samantha H.

Awesome people. Nice staff and very cooperative as well. Very nice office and they have up to date facilities needed …

– Hassan A.

The dentist was awesome!! The only thing was the wait before I could be seen. There was some flooding that day which made everything delayed. A patient who came after me was picked to be seen first. Other from that, I was very pleased with this dentist, he’s a great guy.

– Heather K.

Staff is friendly and helpful. Office is spotless, and oriented to make the patient feel relaxed.

– Patient Review