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From time to time, dental damage can occur. Damage can arise due to oral accidents and injuries irrespective of the state of your teeth. Furthermore, even if your teeth may not seem damaged, microscopic cracks or splits in your tooth enamel may exist. If left untreated, cracks in your tooth enamel can give rise to potential infections and pulp damage.

If your pulp is damaged, it will need to be taken out. The pulp contains connective tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels. With an effective endodontic treatment known as root canal therapy, the pulp of a tooth can be removed without the need to remove the tooth as well. This prevents the tooth from needing to be extracted. In many situations, root canal therapy can extend the life of a tooth for a full lifetime.

Root canal therapy can save teeth and in many cases, restore a tooth’s functions. With a full smile, you can continue to chew food as normal and will not have eating or speaking skills hindered due to loss of teeth that otherwise would occur. Furthermore, root canals eliminate the need for a tooth replacement and lower your risks for gum disease, tooth slippage, and tooth decay associated with lost or missing teeth.

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