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At Shining Smiles LLC, Dr. Milad Nourahmadi and our dedicated dental team are happy to provide comprehensive, family-friendly dentistry for our patients in Bolingbrook, Illinois and the neighboring communities. We have found that although summer is typically viewed as a time when many families choose to vacation and relax from the daily demands of the school-year routine, it is actually also the perfect time to come in for dental work for yourself as well!

Whether the work needed is something as simple as a routine dental cleaning and checkup, having your teeth whitened or even getting into braces, summer is an ideal time to come in and get your oral health in order. Our Shining Smiles team is pleased to offer children’s and cosmetic dentistry for all your family’s needs.

So, if you like to plan ahead of end-of-year work to be done or just want to take advantage of this summer season to come in for needed dental work, come on in and see Dr. Milad Nourahmadi now. Not only will you be staying out of this summer’s blistering heat, but you will be getting work done before the busy fall season kicks in, making you and your loved ones ahead of the oral health game. Call our team today at 630-972-4010 and give yourself a smile boost this summer!