Say Cheese! 3 Excellent Tips for a Healthy Smile

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healthy smile

Are you trying to maintain a happy and healthy smile? Your teeth have a huge impact on your overall health and appearance, and you only get one adult set. It’s important that you take care of them! Are you doing everything that you can to maintain good oral health? We’re here to offer you some helpful advice that… Read more »

Stop Cavities in Their Tracks

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Have you been experiencing pain in a tooth? Unfortunately, tooth pain can be a sign of cavities, which are caused when decay in the tooth penetrates tooth enamel. Unless you are keeping up with six-month dental checkups where your dentist checks for tooth decay, you may not even be aware that a cavity is harming… Read more »

Wrecking Cavities with Composite Fillings

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For over 150 years, dentists have depended on metal amalgams to fill cavities. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a new type of filling is now available. The new filling is a resin-based composite filling which has the distinction of not being metallic colored, but rather it is crafted after the natural color of teeth…. Read more »