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Are you aware of any bad habits or lifestyle behaviors you practice on a daily basis that could be damaging your smile? Are there any products that you’re eating or drinking that are setting back the state of your oral health? To help better care for your smile, be aware of the following tooth hazards that can easily damage your teeth and gums:

– Avoid chewing on products such as pencils or pen caps, as they can easily damage your teeth and lead to chipping or cracking.

– Be aware that drinking coffee can stain your teeth and lead to severe tooth discolorations. fortunately, coffee stains can often be easily removed with teeth whitening treatments.

– Avoid bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, as they can stain teeth, lead to bad breath or eventually cause severe ailments such as tooth loss or cancer.

– Avoid drinking certain products, including red wines and white wines, as they can both focus the acids in the substances on your enamel, which can severely increase your risk of dental erosion. Both red wine and white wine also open up the risk of staining your teeth.

– Much like chewing on pens or pen caps, avoid biting your nails. A simple rule of thumb is that if it’s hard, you should not be biting it. With nail-biting in particular, it focuses the bite pressure on a specific area which can drastically increase your risk of tooth chipping and cracks. Furthermore, biting your nails can even potentially exacerbate issues such as TMJ disorders.

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