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For over 150 years, dentists have depended on metal amalgams to fill cavities. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a new type of filling is now available. The new filling is a resin-based composite filling which has the distinction of not being metallic colored, but rather it is crafted after the natural color of teeth. It also, when combined with laser precision, can fill extremely small cavities that were previously inaccessible to amalgams. However, amalgams are not obsolete, and it still provides some advantages over composites. Below are advantages to both:

Benefits of composites:
– can be matched to the color of your teeth

– can be used on cavities too small for amalgams

– can be repaired many times over without having to remove the original filling

– last 7-10 years

– do not contain mercury, which can be allergic to some individuals

– more preventative to tooth fracture

– are better sealants of the margins, and do not leak like an amalgam can

Benefits of amalgams:
– can last many years longer in larger cavities

– typically more affordable

– easier and quicker for the dentist to place

– have a 150 year proven track record of quality

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